Online development environment for PHP.

Quickly prototype or share PHP Projects, without setting up a local environment.

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route;
Route::get('/', function () {
return view('welcome');

Getting started



  • Real Environment
  • Code Editor
  • Composer package search and management
  • Terminal support
  • GitHub Integration
  • Out of the box support of popular PHP frameworks including Laravel, Symfony etc.
  • File Explorer
  • Environment Variables
  • Share / Embed notebook
  • Markdown Badges
  • Switching PHP versions
  • Setting notebook server public path
  • Support for more PHP frameworks
  • Preview URL keep-alive

The Goal of PHPSandbox

The goal of PHPSandbox is to bring down the barrier of using and learning any PHP Technology (Framework, Libraries, Projects etc) .

We achieve this by:

Providing access to use all composer packages

You have access to all composer packages and can manage your composer dependencies, There is out of the box support for common composer operations like install, update or remove package using an easy-to-use interface.

Providing quick access to code samples with preview

With PHPSandbox, Package developers can provide code samples for different ways their packages can be used with previews that allows you to see the result of the code samples. Users will be able to search for code samples based on packages so as to get a quick sample on how a package is being utilized in apps.

Sharing and testing of PHP projects is easier

With PHPSandbox, all you need to share your project is just a link. By default, all Notebooks(Projects) created on PHPSandbox are public and the URL to the project can be easily shared. With the URL, you can share the Notebook(Project) with friends/colleague, embed the Notebook in Documentations or other platforms, your friends can fork the notebook to have a copy of the project.

Providing an online Environment where codes are executed

All PHPSandbox notebooks runs inside docker containers and this gives the opportunity to have an environment for notebooks that works just like your local environment. You can add environmental variables that are used in your app. You have access to a standard input and output and can add custom configuration and settings that are required by your application.

PHPSandbox comes with out-of-the-box support for popular PHP frameworks including Laravel, Symphony, Lumen, ReactPHP Notebook, CLI Notebook and Standard Notebooks. For each of this framework, the development environment has been fine-tuned to enable seamless development when using them on PHPSandbox. We aim to make supported framework as diverse as possible. Hence, we are consistently expanding the list of supported frameworks.

Making work easier and portable on low-end PCs

PHPSandbox runs entirely in the browser which makes it suitable to run on low-end equipment without hiccups. This allows devs with low-end equipment to use PHP without setting up a local environment. All that will be needed is just a browser. With this, any developer with a Chromebook can develop PHP Apps right from the browser without core environment setups. PHPSandbox takes care of the environment and lets you go straight to doing what you like - bringing your ideas to life!

Providing the Version Control you love

We know developers like Git, and we care about that too. PHPSandbox allows you to export your projects to GitHub and also allows you to import PHP Projects from GitHub without stress. While importing, PHPSandbox detects the kind of app you are importing and provisions a notebook to allow you run it successfully. In the upcoming version, developers will be able to commit codes and make pull request to a project.


If you need help with using PHPSandbox or have some feedback, you can reach out via Twitter or Discord.