Getting started

Creating Notebook

Notebooks in PHPSandbox are simply sandboxes where you run your app. PHPSandbox currently lets you create any of these notebooks:

  • Interactive or CLI Notebooks
  • Standard (PHP Web + CLI) notebooks
  • Laravel notebooks (7, 8, 9)
  • Laravel Lumen
  • Symfony Skeleton
  • Symfony Website Skeleton
  • Slim
  • ReactPHP Http Server


Templates offer a convenient and efficient approach to quickly launch specific projects with minimal setup. By creating a notebook from a Laravel Inertia template, you can ensure that your notebook contains all the necessary components to start running Inertia in a Laravel project without any additional configuration required. This eliminates the need for further setup steps and allows you to get up and running swiftly.

At PHPSandbox, we currently provide a diverse range of pre-configured templates that you can use to create your notebooks. These templates include:

  • Laravel Breeze (Vue)
  • Laravel Breeze (React)
  • Laravel Breeze (Blade)
  • Laravel Breeze (NextJS + API)
  • Laravel Jetstream (Inertia)
  • Laravel Jetstream (Livewire)
  • Laravel Octane (Swoole)

We are continuously working on expanding our template collection to enhance the experience of starting new projects. This ongoing effort aims to offer an even wider selection of templates, ensuring that you have the resources you need to kickstart your projects effortlessly.

Create a Notebook from the Launch Notebook Button

Click the "Get started for free" button, it will launch a Notebook type modal, click on any notebook type. Launch notebook

Create a Notebook from Quick Notebooks

Click any notebook type from "Quick Notebooks" to instantly create that notebook. Quick notebooks

Notebook Visibility

PHPSandbox currently supports two types of notebook visibility

  • Public Notebooks
  • Private Notebooks.

Public notebooks are generally accessible by anyone with the url to the notebook and anyone can see the content of such notebook and it preview. The notebook environmental variables are kept hidden and unauthorized users would only have a read only access to the notebook hence they cannot modify the content of such notebooks nor delete it. They can hoiwever fork the notebook to create a local copy on their own PHPSandbox account.

Private Notebooks can only be accessed by the notebook creator. Unauthorized users can not find such notebooks even if they have a url to the notebook.PHP Versions PHPSandbox uses PHPv8.1 to run all notebooks at the moment and also has support for older and newer PHP versions. We advise that any packages or projects that will be used are compatible with these PHP versions.You can switch PHP versions on the notebook page.