Exporting Notebook

PHPSandbox allows you to export your work on PHPSandbox to a new GitHub repository that will be created on your behalf. This will require you to be signed-in to PHPSandbox with your GitHub account.

To export your project when you're already signed in, you need to access the GitHub section from the sidebar by clicking the GitHub logo.

You will be required to authorize your account if this is the first time you are exporting to GitHub.

Authorize guthub

Once authorized, you will be asked to provide the repository name like in the image below: You can also decide if you want the repository to be created as a private or public repository. Only Premium accounts can create private repositories.

Create new repo

After clicking on the Create repo button, a repository with the name provided will be created in your github account and the contents in your PHPSandbox notebook will be synchronized there.

Importing Notebook